What are Kapitall Badges and how do I collect them?

Badges are symbols of your progress as an investor. Display it proudly because you've earned it!

Here are the different badges awarded, and a guide on how to collect each one:


Generation Badge (+50 points)

Collect this badge by opening and funding a Kapitall Generation brokerage



Loyalty Badge (+200 points)

Collect this badge by logging into Kapitall at least three times a week.


Explorer Badge Series
Collect all four badges by discovering different parts of the Playground.

Explorer Badge 25% (+25 points)
Discover the basic features of Kapitall, such as the Company Snapshot or Turbo Charts.

Explorer Badge 50% (+50 points)
Discover the more advanced features, such as our ETF Snapshot or Super Screener.

Explorer Badge 75% (+100 points)
Discover Kapitall Generation's live trading.

Explorer Badge 100% (+200 points)
Be more social and start sharing with other Kapitallists.


Trader Badge Series
Collect all four badges by placing trades with your Kapitall Generation account.

1 Trade Badge (+25 points)
First trade placed.

5 Trades Badge (+50 points)
Five trades placed.

10 Trades Badge (+100 points)
Ten trades placed.

20 Trades Badge (+200 points)
Twenty trades placed.


Contacts Badge Series
Collect all four badges by adding other Kapitallists as contacts. The badges are rewarded upon confirmation by the recipients.

1 Contact Badge (+25 points)
One Kapitallist is added as a contact.

5 Contacts Badge (+50 points)
Five Kapitallists are added as contacts.

10 Contacts Badge (+75 points)
Ten Kapitallists are added as contacts.

20 Contacts Badge (+100 points)
Twenty Kapitallists are added as contacts.


Quest Badge Series
Complete the Quests, earn badges!

Trader Badge
Complete the Live Trading Quest.

Tournament Badge
Complete the Tournament Quest.

Practice Trading Badge
Complete the Practice Trading Quest.

Detective Badge
Complete the Find Interesting Stocks Quest.

Apprentice Badge
Complete the Learn Investing Basics Quest.

Analyst Badge
Complete the Research Stocks Quest.

Klub Kapitall Badge
Attain Diamond status at Klub Kapitall.


Limited Edition Badges


Beta Member Badge

This badge was reserved for users who joined Kapitall during the Beta period.


Trader's Club Badge

This badge was awarded to users who placed their first trade before April 30th, 2012.


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