What is the Playground?


The Playground is the desktop of your investing workspace.  Use it to explore, research and play the market with the ease of drag & drop. There are 3 cabinets with tabs, one on the left and two on the right. Fully expanded, the Playground looks like this:


In the Playground

You can interact with the items on your Playground. Click once on an item to bring up a menu of actions.

Double-Click to open up the Company Snapshot.

Drag and Drop an item to trade!

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar is at the top of the Playground. You can view your existing Portfolios, Explore Stocks and Funds, Search for specific companies or brands, connect with other Kapitallists, access the quests, and view a summary of your profile.

The Kapitall Store

The Kapitall Store is located to the upper right of the Playground. You can redeem or purchase additional Koins for cool stuff like t-shirts of Live Trade Cards.

Kapitall Tools

Click on the tab on the left to view the available tools at Kapitall like the Turbo Chart, Compar-o-matic, Related Finder, and Number Cruncher.

Mini Map

Navigate through the Playground quickly by expanding the upper tab on the right.

Market Snapshot

Expand the lower tab on the right to check out the market and view the indicies S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrials, and the Nasdaq 100.

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