Kapitall Quests

It's now easier than ever to earn additional points  and Koins.  Kapitall's new interactive Quests allows for an educational experience while rewarding you with the incentive to get dozens of Koins to use at the Kapitall Store.

To start accessing quests, simply click on Quests under the Grid Menu  on the top right side of your Playground.

Expanding the menu will display all of your available quests. Hover your mouse over each of boxes to view the separate activities within the quest.

Click on the Start button to begin the activity. If the button is greyed out, it means you will need to go in sequential order.

Complete more quests to earn more Koins. You'll know you completed a quest if all of the check marks are green. If any of the check marks are grey, it means you haven't completed the quest yet and there are still activities to finish.

Follow the prompts from reading the popup tips. As long as you perform the action that is prompted, you will be allowed to continue to the next step of the activity. Each activity can contain several popups so make sure you complete each one to get credit!



As you're progressing through the quest, you will be opening tools, snapshots, placing practice trades, and researching your favorite stocks.


After you complete all the activities in a quest, you will receive a badge showing your accomplishment!

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