What is Kapitall?

Kapitall is an online investing platform where modern investors can learn about the market, research stocks and funds, interact with other users, and build virtual and real brokerage portfolios. Interacting with company stocks is as easy as drag, drop, and trade℠.

Kapitall offers a unique game-like experience where users can use connect with other Kapitallists, drag and drop to trade, and learn about stocks and funds in an interactive way. As users progress through Kapitall.com, they can earn virtual currency Koins and level up to show off their experience.

Securities products are offered through Kapitall Generation, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Kapitall Generation, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kapitall, Inc.


The Playground
When you sign into Kapitall, you get your own personal Playground. Think of the Playground as your own personal investing workspace. Add items to your Playground for trading, research and analysis. There is a ton of things around the Playground, so here are a few things to get you started:

The Navigation Bar
The Navigation Bar is at the top of the Playground. Here you can view your Practice and Live Portfolios, Find Interesting Stocks, Search for Companies, Connect with other Kapitallists, and view and edit your Personal Information.

The Kapitall Store
Purchase anything from Live Trade Cards for commission-free trades in live brokerage accounts, additional Practice Portfolios, cool Kapitall merch, and more.

View the Market Snapshot
How is the market doing today? Check out the Market Snapshot to find the market chart and the 3 major indices S&P 500, DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS, and NASDAQ.

Not a market master? Not a problem. We have tutorials about investing called Kapitall Quests where you can learn about the basics like "What is a Stock?" and "How Can I Place a Practice Trade?"

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