How do I transfer my account to Kapitall Generation from another brokerage firm?

Here are the quick and easy steps to transfer your account to Kapitall Generation from another brokerage firm. Please keep in mind that your current account may have assets that we do not support (example: fixed-income, open-end mutual funds). You may choose to liquidate current assets that are not transferable to Kapitall Generation.

  1. Fill out the Kapitall Generation brokerage application and have your account approved.
  2. Complete the Account Transfer Form (ACAT) and attach your most recent brokerage statement. Please scan and email them to
  3. Approximately after 3-5 business days, the Account Transfer should be complete and you should see your positions properly reflected in your Kapitall Generation Portfolio.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact a Kapitall Generation representative via live chat, or send an email to

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