How can I trade on margin at Kapitall?

Kapitall Generation is pleased to announce the availability of margin privileges for Live brokerage accounts. You may either open a new account with margin or add margin to an existing cash account.

Note that under industry requirements, margin is extended to accounts with a minimum of $2,000 equity.

Opening a Margin Account

To apply for a separate account with margin, you may open a new account with Kapitall Generation and select Margin for the account type.


Adding Margin to an Existing Account

To add margin privileges to an existing cash account at Kapitall Generation, download and complete a Margin Borrowing Application and submit it by email to

Risks Associated with Margin

Margin investing involves greater risks and is not appropriate for every investor. Before using margin, you should carefully review the Margin Disclosure statement that was provided to you when you opened your account (a copy is available in Kapitall's Terms and Conditions). You should also evaluate your investment objectives, financial resources and risk tolerance to determine if margin is appropriate.

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