How do I withdraw my funds?

You can place a request to withdraw available cash from your live brokerage account at any time. Before placing a request, make sure to check whether you have cash available.

You may not have cash available yet if:

  • You recently sold a stock. It takes 3 business days for the proceeds from your sell trade to settle. If you'd like to withdraw proceeds from a sale, please allow 3 business days for settlement before submitting a request.
  • You recently made a deposit. It takes 5 business days for a deposit to clear. Please allow 5 business days before placing a request to withdraw funds from a recent deposit.
  • You currently have open orders. Please check your open orders to make sure that you do not have an open buy order that has not yet executed.
  • You received a cash bonus from one of our offers. Please read the terms and conditions of the offer before attempting to withdraw the bonus.

To check whether you have cash available, click on your Generation Portfolio and select View Snapshot. Once you are within your portfolio snapshot, you will see yourAvailable Cash on the left side.

Available Cash does not differentiate between settled and unsettled funds. It also includes cash that can be withdrawn on margin if you have a margin account. Make sure to check your recent Transactions and confirm that it has been 3 business days since your last sale if you are withdrawing sale proceeds. Check your cash position in Holdings to see if you are withdrawing cash in your account or withdrawing on margin.

If you already set up banking instructions, you can then easily withdraw your available funds via ACH electronic transfer. There are three ways to get to Transfer Cash - one way is by clicking on My Live Portfolio and selecting Fund Account from the menu.

You can also select Transfer Cash from your Live Portfolio's Snapshot:

Finally, you can select Fund from the Portfolio Selector:

On the Transfer Cash page, make sure to select "Withdraw from Kapitall Generation Account." Then, enter the amount you'd like to withdraw to the right and click the"Transfer" button at the bottom.

You can check the status of your transfer under the Status column of your transfer history.

The three statuses are:

  • Processed: Your request was reviewed and is being processed.
  • Pending: We're currently reviewing your request.
  • Rejected: We were unable to process your request and sent you an email with the reason (common reasons are above)

If you submit your withdrawal request before 2pm on a business day, it will be processed that day. Typically, it can take 2-3 business days for your bank to process the incoming funds.

For withdrawals that are not initiated via ACH transfer (such as checks or wires),please contact a Kapitall Generation Support Representative at 1-888-952-7482.

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