How do I cast my shareholder proxy vote?

Proxy voting services are provided by Informational material is delivered by email to the account holder's email address. Notifications typically include:

  • The company holding the meeting and information about the meeting
  • The record date for the shareholders participating in the meeting
  • The account number of the shareholder
  • The control number for the shareholder's vote(s)

To review the material and cast a vote, simply click on the link within the email to be directed to

What is my Control Number?

Please refer to the email for the control number.

What is my PIN?

If you've forgot your PIN, you can request your PIN at First click on the link with the Control Number or enter your Control Number at You will be brought to the PIN Entry/Retrieval Screen. Click on Request PIN on the right. A copy of your PIN will be sent to the email address of record for the account.

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