I have physical stock certificates, how do I transfer them to my brokerage account?

Please follow the instructions below to transfer your physical stock certificates to your Kapitall brokerage account:

Sign the certificate on the back exactly as the name appears on the front of the certificate. Please include your Kapitall brokerage account number and/or the primary account holder's social security number on the certificate. PLEASE NOTE: physical stock certificates for Pink Sheet or OTCBB securities are not accepted.

Then, complete the Stock Power Form. Please leave the top part blank - only fill out the bottom section with your Account Number, Account Holder's Signature, Account Holder's Name Printed, and the Date.

For your security, please send your certificate and the original Stock Power Form separately, in completely separate envelopes. Send by overnight mail to:

Apex Clearing Corp  
2 Journal Square Plaza, 5th Floor
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Attn: Vault Processing


In your records, keep the following information about the certificate in the event that it is lost in the mail:
-The address you sent it to
-Certificate ownership
-Certificate number and issue date
-Name of the security and the number of shares


**If you have questions about the "Signature(s) Guaranteed" portion of the back of the certificate, see below:

The "Signature(s) Guaranteed" portion of the form needs to be signed by a member of the Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. If you contact your local bank in which you are a customer, ask them if they are a participating member of the Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. You will need one of their Medallion Program Guarantors to endorse/sign that portion of the certificate. It works similarly to that of a notary public, but is not to be confused as a notary program. They will ask you for your credentials to prove your identity, and they will observe you signing the certificate. They will then sign/stamp the "Signature(s) Guaranteed" portion of the form guaranteeing the authenticity of your signature. After you obtain the Guarantor's signature/stamp, you may then send the physical stock certificate to Apex's address.

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