What is the Number Cruncher and how can I analyze a company's financials?

The Number Cruncher allows you to analyze a company's financial statements and fundamentals. To open the tool, simply drag & drop an item from your Playground into"Accounting" located within the bottom tool palette.

A new window will open, displaying key-financial information. This is a great tool for educating yourself about your favorite companies and see how they are doing financially.

If you're not familiar with a term on the page, simply hover your mouse over the word and if it shows a question mark, click on the term. A small pop-up will appear with the definition.


Toggle between tabs to go more in depth. For the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, choose the second tab, labeled Financials.

For all those who like to read into SEC Filings, we've made it easy to view. Simply click on the Filings tab to see .pdf versions of the Quarterly and Annual Financials, along with others!

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