What are your commissions and fees?


US Listed & OTC Stocks/ETFs1,2,3,4 $7.95
Rep-assisted Phone Trade1,2,3,4 $30
Listed Foreign Securities1 $50
Canadian1 $35
Euroclear1 $35
Physical Settlement Trades3 $300-$600
(per security, per trade)
Low Priced Securities4 $0.0002/share
(5% of principal max)
Sells only (rounded to nearest penny)
$18.40 / $1,000,000 principal
FINRA TAF (Trading Activity Fee)1
(rounded to nearest penny, $5.95 max)
ACH Transfer In (ACH Deposit) $0
ACH Transfer Out (ACH Withdrawal) $0
Incoming Wire Transfer $0
Incoming ACAT Transfer $0
Returned ACH $35
ACH Notice of Change (NOC) $5
Prepayment (under $10,000) $20
Prepayment (over $10,000) $250 +
0.20% principal
Outgoing Wire Transfer $30
Paper Check Draft (Domestic) $5
Stop Payments $30
Outgoing ACAT Transfer (Non-Retirement) $80
Outgoing ACAT Transfer (Retirement) $100
Outgoing ACAT Transfer (Partial, per security) $15
Transfers - Transfer & Ship (per security) $235
Transfers - Legal (per security) $150
Transfers - Rush Premium (per security) $350
Transfers - Restricted (per security) $250
Account Maintenance Fee $0
Account Inactivity Fee $0
IRA Custodian Fee (annual) $30
IRA Termination Fee $60
DWAC (per event) $50
Voluntary Offer Participation $55
Dividend Check $5
Margin Sell Out Fee1 $25
Short Forced Buy In Fee1 $25
Paper Confirm Fee (per confirm) $5
Paper Statement Fee (per statement) $5
Paper Tax Statement Fee (per statement) $5
Paper Prospectus Fee (per mailing) $5
Escheatment Processing (per account) $75
Escheatment Paper Letter Notice (per envelope) $2
Returned Mail (per piece) $2
Escheatment Paper Letter Notice (per envelope) $2
Safekeeping Service (quarterly, per account, per CUSIP) $15
Safekeeping - Deposits (per deposit) $7.50
Safekeeping - Withdrawals (per withdrawal) $60

1 Other Transfer Agent and Trade Settlement charges for certain securities may be passed through to you by our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corp.

2 SEC Section 31 Fee and FINRA Trading Activity Fee (TAF) are assessed and passed on to the customer for all liquidation orders.

3 Applies to all securities requiring physical settlement, click here for a current list of securities requiring physical settlement.

4 Applies to transactions in excess of 100,000 shares in securities priced under $1.00. Surcharge is $0.0002 per share, with a maximum charge of 5% of the principal value of the transaction.

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