Klub Kapitall - Program and Benefits

Klub Kapitall rewards active Kapitallists with lower Live trading commissions and special pricing in the Kapitall store on great items like free trades. Kapitallists can earn annual status by accruing points on the Kapitall platform or by using Koins to purchase 30-day status upgrades in the Kapitall store. You must open a brokerage account to be enrolled in Klub Kapitall.

Qualification Thresholds & Benefits

Kapitallists with Live brokerage accounts will increase their status at Klub Kapitall as they earn points on the Kapitall platform. Kapitallists will upgrade to their new status in 1 business day when their cumulative year to-date points break certain thresholds in a calendar year. Points not used toward status upgrades will rollover into the following year.

The point levels for status upgrades and related commissions are displayed below.


Statuses earned via points do not expire unless the user fails to earn enough points to qualify for the same tier by the end of the calendar year after they attained a given tier.

  • Example: User Pete achieves Bronze Status on 2/27/2014 which entitles him to Bronze status until 1/1/2015. Pete will have to earn 20,000 points between 1/1/2015 and 12/31/2015 to maintain Bronze status

If during the course of a calendar year the user earns enough points to qualify for a higher tier status, they move immediately into that status tier. The duration of their Klub Kapitall enrollment does not change.

  • Example: Pete achieves Bronze Status on 2/27/2014. He then earns 20,000 more points by 3/13/2014. Pete is immediately placed into Silver status

At the end of a calendar year the user's yearly point total, minus the highest threshold attained that year, are carried over into the user's yearly total for the next calendar year.

  • Example: User Pete earns 69,000 points over the course of a calendar year. At the start of the next calendar year he will have Kapitall Gold Status and 9,000 points (69,000 - 60,000 points for Kapitall Gold) accrued toward his Klub Kapitall status tier for next year.



If at the end of that calendar year the user has not earned enough points to maintain their current tier, but would qualify for a lesser status tier, they will be moved into that tier at the beginning of the next Calendar year.

  • Example: User Pete achieves Silver Status on 3/13/2014. However Pete earns only 23,000 points between 1/1/2015 and 12/31/2015. Pete will be in Bronze status tier as of 1/1/2016 with 3,000 points carried over.

If a user does not qualify for a tier for a given year, carryover points are maintained for the next year.

  • Example: User Pete earns 3,000 points during the year 2014 and 10,000 in 2015. He will have 13,000 points carried over into 2016.


Tier Chart:

 * Price is reduced by 1000 Koins for every Level the user earns
** Over the lifetime of the account
***30-day time limit only applies to Klub Kapitall Passes purchased in Kapitall Store.

Example of Items Displayed in the Kapitall Store:

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