Where are Kapitall's Tools?

Kapitall's set of Tools can be used to compare Companies, Chart Companies and Funds, Explore Investing Ideas, Analyze Financial Statements and Access the Latest News. They can be found in the Tool Palette by expanding the Navigation Bar on the bottom left of the Playground or on the right hand side in the Grid Menu. 

 The Super Screener
    Looking for a trading idea? Start with more than 55,000 companies, and then use theSuper Screener tool to filter them down to a smaller list of stocks that conform to certain characteristics. You can screen for stocks by return, earnings growth, valuation, analyst ratings, risk levels, CEO compensation, and environmental responsibility, just to name afew.


 The Compar-O-Matic    


Ever wanted to easily compare a group of companies? Kapitall's Compar-O-Matic tool uses a dynamic animation to compare up to nine companies. You can analyze factors like annual return, market cap, sales growth, employee numbers, debt levels, dividend yields, and CEO compensation, just to name a few.



 The Number Cruncher

  Before investing, it's a good idea to look at a company's financial statements. To make it easy for you, we've developed different layers of complexity in our Number Cruncher tool. Start off with the Overview section, which features easy-to-understand numbers and ratios you can use to evaluate a company's fundamentals. If you want to dig deeper, access the Financials section, or, if you like, download SEC filings.


 Turbo Chart

 Have you ever tried using a charting tool on other financial sites? They all look the same, giving you the option to chart MACD, Relative Strength indicators, Bollinger Bands, Money Flow Indices and so on. But how many people actually know how to interpret these technical indicators? That's why we developed our charting tool around the numbers everyone understand. Kapitall's Turbo Chart can be used to chart a company's sales, debt ratio, employees, dividend yield, Price of Profit, and analyst opinion, just to name a few data points.


The Related Finder
  The Related Finder can be accessed on all Company, Fund and List Snapshots. Start with a Company you know, and use the Related Finder to explore related Companies, Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Lists and Portfolios. To dig deeper, launch any of Kapitall's tools to analyze the List of related investments.



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